David Franks

Franker (what the guys in the band call him to distinguish which David) started playing keyboards in 1968 and worked with several Raleigh, NC area groups such as the Cheynes Combo, Slightly Blue, Four Wheel Drive, Thursdays Child, Banshee and High Cotton Band. In 1982 he joined with Vernelle Mack to form Square Biz. Vernelle was the lead vocalist on I Wanta Manto Shag With Me recorded by W. J. Moore and the Dynamic Upsetters. In October of 1983 he joined the Band of Oz. By the end of 1988 David decided to leave the group to open a pawn shop in Raleigh, NC. In 1991, he helped form The Holiday Band and continued to work with them until rejoining the Band of Oz in April of 2000 and the rest is history.